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Improving efficiency and effectiveness of industrial steam boilers, and moving from carbon fuels to innovative Hydrogen produced heat

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Hydrogen EnGergy & Power Group (H2OPE) aims to achieve stable and affordable provision of clean energy and water by perpetual means for the future.


They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and this is why H2OPE group is dedicated to solving the worlds energy problems using new and innovative technologies invented in our Research and Development facility.

Having already developed technology to create green hydrogen energy for long voyage ocean cargo vessels, we are dedicated to developing other technologies for the efficient usage and application of steam boilers widely used in hospitals, food manufacturing, and other industrial facilities

Our latest achievement includes a patent protected “On – Demand Hydrogen Generator” that is fully modular, scalable and that can be used for any industry or application. The aim is to construct a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit, which will be used as a green sustainable fuel source option to ultimate replace the carbon fuels currently used by the vast majority of industrial heating systems. This innovative invention is patented in the UK and 179 countries worldwide.

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We aim to achieve stable and affordable provision of clean energy and water by perpetual means for the future.

Steam Boiler Installation Maintenance & Repair

H2OPE offers a full range of industrial steam boiler services including inspection. modification and repairs.

Commercial Water Treatment Systems & Services

H2OPE is currently focusing on the commercial application of the use hydrogen as a fuel with nominal or ZERO emissions rating

Commercial Hydrogen Energy Solutions

The green Hydrogen as a definition is generated if the electricity that supply the electrolysis comes from renewable source

Further Development

Hydrogen as the fuel of the future should be generated through renewable sources of the electricity as much as possible, further requirements will come from and the excess will go to, the grid. We have few more products/technology – based developments that will most likely result in new patents.

H2OPE is currently focusing on the commercial application of the use hydrogen as a fuel with nominal or ZERO emissions rating, electricity generation, heat, hot water, heating & cooling, wastewater purification, water treatment and carbon credit generation. Application for the domestic environment is also in development and the outline is for ‘on’ and ‘off’ grid model.

Why focus on Hydrogen?

Society has developed a social conscience that is leading populations to a green sustainable goal. The world is reacting to convulsive changes in the climate and in air quality. Financial services providers and the banking fraternity realise that businesses are being judged not only in terms of the products and services they offer but also by the way in which they are provided. Consumers are voting with their purchases to reduce climate change, to support the environment and to care for their local community. They are prepared to pay more for a reduction in emissions, a minimising of their carbon footprint and a cutback in the risk of further pollution.

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