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Commercial steam boilers, which hold large volumes of water, can be at particular risk corrosion, and the build-up of impurities due to sludge and scaling; particularly in hard-water locations. Boilers that are left untreated are likely to leak and then breakdown – sometimes with catastrophic effects.

The H2OPE water treatment solution has two elements, pre treatment and internal treatment.

Boiler Feed-water treatment involves reducing and/or removing impurities from water outside of the boiler, with treatments including softening, deaeration, filtration and in some cases, Reverse Osmosis. H2OPE can tailor-make feed-water to suit a particular system.

Internal boiler water treatment focuses on conditioning impurities within the boiler system, either in the feed-lines or the boiler itself. Internal treatment may be used alone or in conjunction with external pre-treatment. Chemical treatment of water inside the boiler is usually essential and complements external treatment by taking care of any impurities entering the boiler with the feed water (hardness, oxygen, silica, etc.). We will also ensure that any condensate treatment that maybe required is taken care of.

A summary of available operations are as follows;

  • Boiler Water treatment
    • Feed water analysis
    • Chemical supply
    • Service Visits
    • Water testing services
    • Descaling Service
    • Boiler Servicing capabilities within our group
  • Cooling tower water treatment
    • Legionella control
    • Chemical supply
    • Service Visits
    • Water testing services


  • Mechanical pipeline support specialist engineering service, as part of the group


  • Chemical dosing systems – Pumps, controllers, valves and pipework
  • Water Softening systems – Reduced precipitation of lime
  • Reverse osmosis systems – Filtration for purifying water.

  • Equipment supply
    • In-field Test Kit
    • Complete Dosing systems
    • Pumps,
    • controllers,
    • valves
    • pipework

The extensive Feedwater range of boiler water chemicals will be matched against your specific needs to provide cost-effective protection of your whole steam system against corrosion & scale formation whilst minimising your blowdown requirements.

    • B14 – Oxygen Scavengers
      A chemical oxygen scavenger is used to remove the residual oxygen from the boiler feed water in order to protect not only the boiler but also control corrosion in the hotwell (or feed tank) and the condensate return lines.
    • B20 – Alkalinity Builders
      Depending on the natural feed water alkalinity, it is often necessary to add an alkalinity builder in order to establish the correct boiler water chemistry to prevent corrosion and scale formation.
      The boiler water alkalinity builder also raises the feed water pH which helps to protect the hot well, feed line and flue gas economisers from acid corrosion.
    • B66 – Polyphosphates
      Phosphate treatments are used in low pressure boilers to help prevent scale formation and in high pressure boilers as pH control agents. When used to prevent scale formation, they should be used in conjunction with a polymer sludge conditioner.
    • B99 – Polymer Immobiliser
      A polymer sludge conditioner should always be used to ensure that any hard water that enters the boiler doesn’t result in scale, by ensuring that the precipitated hardness is converted to a mobile sludge which can be removed by blowdown.

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