Steam Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Steam Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair


Steam boilers might seem to be a technology of the past, the imagery of steam trains and coal shovelling to maintain the pressure uppermost in the average persons mind when discussed, but the opposite is true. Most the of the larger buildings we use and visit each day will be heated by a steam boiler. Steam boilers are extremely important within the NHS as not only a way to heat hospitals but also to maintain truly hot water and steam used for sterilisation and cleanliness.

H2OPE have over 100 years of experience in managing, maintaining, and installing steam boilers within the NHS and also other industries such as food manufacturing, and government buildings. Every aspect of boiler servicing is includes such as;

  • Insurance inspection 
  • Installation of industrial boilers from leading manufacturers including Byworth, Cochran and Fulton 
  • Plant installation 
  • Steam system repairs and modification 
  • Valve refurbishment and testing 
  • Industrial boiler repair 
  • Preparation for NDT testing 
  • D patch repairs and boiler retubing 
  • Refractory repair / replacement 
  • Pipework alterations and replacements (welded and screwed) 
  • Heritage boiler work 

Together we can build a better future

H2OPE are committed to providing products and services that inspire action and create clean and healthy environmental solutions that can be sustained for generations to come. 

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