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Steam Boiler Strip Down Insurance Inspection

If a steam boiler fails then it can be catastrophic and cause not only extensive property damage but also be a danger to life. All steam boilers must be covered and insured against damage as a legal requirement. As part of the insurance policy it is necessary to strip down and inspect steam boilers on an annual basis to ensure they are safe and well maintained.

H2ope offer a comprehensive strip and refit service for commercial steam boilers, and are extensively insurance accredited to perform these works with the minimum of disruption and to a very high standard.

As part of the strip and refit service we tailor our service to the requirements and specification of your particular boiler but this service will usually include the following;

We will prepare your boiler for its annual insurance inspection.

Work may include:

  • Obtaining necessary permits to work and carrying out a risk assessment
  • Opening boiler and cleaning all smoke tubes
  • Cleaning furnace and rear smoke box
  • Checking water space and reporting
  • Remove, service and refit, feed check valve, blow down valve
  • Safety valves and sight glass gauge cocks with new packing as necessary
  • Fitting new sight glasses
  • Fitting new manhole joints as necessary
  • Carry out working test

After key component parts have been inspected we offer a steam boiler start up procedure as follows;

  • Steam boiler leakage testing
  • Testing of low and second low alarms to ensure boiler safety
  • Testing of high and second high alarms
  • Testing of Safety valve operation
  • Testing of high pressure cut out switches
  • Testing of correct blowdown operation
  • Preparing the steam boiler to come back online after passing insurance inspections

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H2OPE are committed to providing best practice service and a high standard of work ensuring your boiler is as safe and reliable as it can possibly be. You can call our dedicated and friendly team to find out more about how we can help you make the most of your essential commercial steam boiler

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