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Hotwell Replacement andRepair

Feed water tanks, which are referred to as Hotwell tanks, are an essential part of your boiler system, and must be robust and of a high quality if your boiler is to run at its most efficient.

Cold water can damage the structure of the tank which will have an adverse effect on its operability, and hot water can cause damage to the feed pump resulting in a loss of production of hot water and irreparable damage.

Having replaced all manner of Hotwell tanks in boilers which serve hosipitals, factories, and municipal buildings, H2ope are well qualified to assist with any problems caused by Hotwell issues.

In the first instance we survey your heating system, looking at how the boiler currently works and the current state of the Hotwell tank or tanks. After the survey we are able to recommend a number of options, designed around the needs and situation of the boiler system.

We are able to provide temporary tanks in the case of replacement, so the old tanks can be disassembled and the site cleaned before new tanks are installed. We also use this opportunity to reroute and tidy pipework, including vents, drains, overflows etc.

Once this is complete the new Hotwell tanks are installed and after thorough testing and an insurance backed inspection, the boiler system is signed off and continues to provide efficient service for the foreseeable future

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