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Hydrogen EnGergy & Power Group (H2OPE) aims to achieve stable and affordable provision of clean energy and water by perpetual means for the future.

Steam Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair

H2OPE offers a full range of industrial boiler services including inspection. modification and repairs. 

We have a loyal base of clients who regularly employ us for the quality of our work and the affordability of our fees. 

Many of our customers are based in the South and South West, stretching from Cornwall to Hampshire and Gloucestershire, but we undertake projects in all parts of the UK.

The H2OPE team of highly skilled and experienced engineers is based at the company’s works in Bridgewater, Somerset.    

Water Treatment Capabilities

Hydrogen as the fuel of the future should be generated through renewable sources of the electricity as much as possible, further requirements will come from and the excess will go to, the grid. We have few more products/technology – based developments that will most likely result in new patents.

H2OPE is currently focusing on the commercial application of the use hydrogen as a fuel with nominal or ZERO emissions rating, electricity generation, heat, hot water, heating & cooling, wastewater purification, water treatment and carbon credit generation.
Application for the domestic environment is also in development and the outline is for ‘on’ and ‘off’ grid model

Commercial Hydrogen Solutions

The water that we use in the electrolysis is waste water (sewage, heavy industrial boiler…. all we need is to filter that dirty, discussing “liquid” of the solids and treat it by adding some “electrolyte”, “acid” and everything that is dissolved becomes unimportant as our unit doesn’t know what is dissolved in it.

 The green Hydrogen as a definition is generated if the electricity that supply the electrolysis comes from renewable source (wind and solar) or feed from the grid at economy 7 or 10 during night as that is wasted otherwise.

It gets generated in a Hydrogen Generator, compressed and stored – used as such

Together we can build a better future

H2OPE are committed to providing products and services that inspire action and create clean and healthy environmental solutions that can be sustained for generations to come. 

If we can be of service to you please get in touch with us!